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  • Apto,Pousada,Canavieiras,Bahia
  • 14 km gorgeous sandy beach fringed with coconut palms
  • An authentic Bahian town – as if time stood still
  • Sitio Histórico: Historic Old Town on cocoa port – unique in Brazil
  • Idyllic, quiet and really comfortable – a rarity in the Americas!
  • Gigantic water world: islands, lagoons, rivers and mangrove forests
  • Atlantic Forest: luxuriant vegetation and more biodiversity than the Amazon
  • Cocoa and coconut plantations, magnificent flora and fauna: evergreen, green, green.
  • Great for short or long vacations -  no tourist hustle and hoax
  • Year-round individual ecotourism, at reasonable prices
  • Average annual temperature: 24.5 ° – Always Summer, moderate humidity
  • Temperatures: 35 ° maximum and minimum of 16 º, truly the perfect climate!

Canavieiras was once one of the main cocoa ports in the world and had its heyday in the 30s, when the cocoa barons (a.k.a. Coronel) swam in money. There was plenty of life in the harbor, they even had seaplanes, drank champagne and let bring pretty chorus girls from Paris and Prague. A curious insight into the time you get out of the books of the famous writer Jorge Armado, who lived in Ilheus and more often lingered in Canavieiras. “Gabriela, Cravo e Canela” (Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon) is e.g. one of his most striking works. Only at the beginning of the century the city was built – with super wide streets – but  the houses showed an influence of colonial style, which was typical for the 16th Century – that’s very unique in Canavieiras. The motto at those times of money, champagne and girls was: the richer and more powerful, the more ornaments and decorations you must have.

​Eventually, due to a plague or sabotage, it was the end of cocoa, the easygoing ranchers slipped into bankruptcy and its imposing patriarcal houses and warehouses were abandoned, and so it began the decay of the cocoa port. In 1998, the port district of Canavieiras declared it to be “Sitio Histórico” (Historic Center) and started with the restoration of the picturesque houses. Also worth seeing is the building of Prefeitura (municipality / town hall) Casarao do Centro, the churches and the library.

​Also some German, Swiss and Brazilians from the big cities have invested, bought ruins, warehouses and houses and renovated and made them lovely – and so Canavieiras was again brought to life. After that people started to open restaurants, pubs, boutiques and a nice little “shopping center” in colonial style. Meanwhile there are also isolated Americans, Dutch, Italians, and Spaniards, who have invested to so they could make long-term vacations or live here all year round. It is like a village, almost everyone knows each other and the harbor is no room for bad guys, you can walk around at night unmolested. A rarity in Brazil. The city council of Canavieiras respects and encourage its citizens to keep the town clean and tidy. Here the biggest channel in Brazil “Rede Globo” filmed its Telenovela “Porto dos Milagres – Port of Miracles”, with that the town acquired some notoriety, but this was never used commercially. No wonder, the town is so quiet it seems time stood still!

In 1998, a few sport fishermen came from the USA, and a Big Game Fishing base has been established in Canavieiras, at which the deep-sea anglers from around the world like to come and kick the Blue Marlin. There are now two. And all this with perfect organization, a great team, the best equipment, safety and comfort. For a few years now, the Marlins are tagged and released to gain a better understanding of their directions and living conditions, even if the same Marlin bites the bait a second time. Canavieiras is located about 70km before the Royal Charlotte Bank, one of the richest fishing waters around South America. Here the ocean floor drops down from 25m to 2000m. From these trips out to see we sometimes get our Tuna or Dorado sashimi.

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