The region in and around Canivieiras invites to versatile outdoor activities. The weather is perfect for exploring the countryside. Below we present you just a few of the many options available.

Lagoons, River, Mangrove

Rio Patipe

Fishing in lagoons, Rio Pardo and Rio Salsa. 6 m aluminum boat and 15/25 hp motor. Fish: Robalo (sea bass), Dourada (sea bream), catfish, snapper, moray eels, parrotfish, Corvina, Carvalho etc. Including: experienced guides, equipments, bait and fuel.

Boat Trip Canavieiras – Belmonte

Mangrove20 km trip through the lagoon, rivers, canals and waterways. Past numerous islands, coconut plantations and farms, you will see stunning mangrove forests and the lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. At high tide (tidal range of up to 2 m) the sea water flows for miles into the landscape and change it visibly. Here you will find  various ecosystems, the flora and fauna are unique. On our trip we make several stops, even on a deserted beach. You can also take a dip in the famous Lama Negra, the wholesome black mangrove mud. Shops in the historic town of Belmonte. 

Lama Negra

Lama Negra

The classic Canavieiras-trip! Boat ride to the beach of Lama Negra, at the mouth of the Rio Pardo and the island The Garças. Lama Negra, the famous mud: healing properties for skin problems, destress, promotes blood circulation and potency and helps load back your energies!

Big Game Fishing – Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

An experienced team brings you to the best fishing spots, for Canavieiras and the Royal Charlotte Bank are one of the most famous and largest game fishing destinations in the world.

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